Maintain high level of Fuel integrity at all times

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Aviation Turbine Kerosene handled by the Kuwait Aviation Fuelling Co. (KAFCO) is Jet A-1 , produced by the local Refineries in Kuwait. The fuel is received to KAFCO depot storage tanks at Kuwait International Airport through an underground 8″ and 12” dedicated pipelines. Jet A-1, which meets, joint fuelling system check list (AFQRJOS) latest issue that represent the following:
1)   British MoD DEF STAN 91-91/latest issue
2)   ASTM D-1655-15 for aviation turbine fuel JET A-1KAFCO’s constant efforts in strictly enforcing local and international quality control regulations for the handling and delivery of Jet A-1 will always be of top priority.
The purpose of Quality Control is to outline the necessary standards, procedures, tests and inspections required to maintain a constant supply of clean product, meeting the relevant specifications.
These standards, procedures, tests and inspections provide protection against the possibility of product degradation, contamination or mixing and help ensure that the highest standards of quality are maintained throughout.
KAFCO QC team strives to maintain high level of Fuel integrity at all times and is committed in its duty to deliver clean, dry and on specification fuel to customers.
1)    Sampling and testing of JET A 1 at Refinery and in KAFCO.
2)    Control check are conducted to ensure that fuel received is on
par with relevant batch delivered from refinery and meets
the relevant international specifications.
3)    Periodic testing of fuel in storage.
4)    Millipore testing of fuel for establishing dirt levels
5)    Selection of QC related equipment
6)    Detection, identification, prevention and elimination of
contaminants in JET A 1.Root cause analysis to
prevent further incidents
7)    Routine inspection on storage tanks, filters, vehicles.

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